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Did Cigna Deny Your Valid Disability Claim?

Connecticut-based Cigna, one of the leading providers of disability insurance in the U.S., posted revenues of nearly $35 billion in 2014. How much of that money was made at the expense of policyholders who had their disability claims denied, forcing them to financial ruin?

Cigna has a track record of putting profit before customer care and honorable business practices. According to a study by the California Nurses Association, Cigna denied more than 34% of claims submitted in 2009.

If Cigna has denied a disability claim from you or a loved one, you should speak with an attorney about your options. We may be able to help you get the compensation to help get you back on the right path. Consultations are free.

Have You Been Affected?

Thousands of people who believed they were protected by Cigna’s policies have watched their lives fall apart after Cigna unfairly denied their claims when they needed help the most. sadly, insurance companies put profits first.

Cigna might offer one of the following reasons for denying a claim:

  • Failure to disclose a pre-existing medical condition
  • Failure to provide proper documentation on time
  • The condition for which the claim is filed in not a “covered” disability

The results can be fatal. In 2008, Cigna triggered a national outrage by denying 17-year-old Nataline Sarkisyan an emergency liver transplant. The company said it was “too experimental.” She died a week later.

Policyholders aren’t the only ones who have been shortchanged by Cigna’s practices. The company has been sued by the American Medical Association for using flawed databases to pay doctors artificially low rates for their services while collecting full premiums from policyholders.

Why You Need an Attorney

Insurance companies are required by law to act honestly and in good faith toward the people who rely on them. If a company like Cigna violates that trust, it should be held accountable in court. To do this, you’ll want an attorney at your side with experience taking on huge insurance companies on behalf of shortchanged policyholders.

If Cigna has unfairly denied claims submitted by you or someone you know, contact us to speak with a lawyer who can offer you a path forward. All consultations are free and without obligation.