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Navy SEAL Who Killed the World’s Most Wanted Man Denied Insurance Coverage

February 19, 2013

In May 2011, an elite team of Navy SEALs stormed a compound in Pakistan and killed Osama bin Laden, the terrorist responsible for the deaths of thousands of innocent Americans. The dramatic moment brought to an end one of the most — if not THE most — extensive manhunts in U.S. history.

About a year later, the soldier who actually fired the shots that killed bin Laden left the Navy after 16 years of service to the nation. That same day, the military pulled health care coverage for the man, his wife and children. No insurance. No pension. A $25 million reward was offered for bin Laden that no one will ever collect, and the man who killed him received next to nothing from the government.

The man identified in an Esquire article this month only as “The Shooter” noted that his family would be much better off if he had been killed in the line of duty.

soldierSoldier Summarizes Military’s Response: ‘Go F— Yourself’

All “The Shooter” was left with was five years of basic care at a Department of Veterans Affairs clinic –which he’ll forego to purchase his own insurance to get the care he needs – and a disability claim from his time in the Navy that sits among 820,000 backlogged disability claims.

In addition to providing new information about the clandestine raid, the Esquire article highlights this growing backlog. This map illustrates the areas of the country with the highest numbers of soldiers waiting on their disability claims.

A Greedy Game

Insurance is an industry where profits and dollar figures matter far more than the life-risking heroics of people like “The Shooter.” While the government claims that the nation owes a great debt to those who serve in the armed forces, soldiers are simply thrown on a waiting list – or worse – when they file a claim to be covered.

Outside of the military, many Americans are forced to play a similar game with insurance companies. Some companies have been shown to intentionally deny valid claims simply to protect their bottom line.

We want to protect these people and get them what they deserve.  Contact us if you’ve had an insurance claim unfairly denied.

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