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Insurance Claim Victims Find Voice Online

December 12, 2012

If you are unfortunate enough to have your insurance company deny a claim you submitted that should be covered under your policy, you’ll probably spend a lot of time on the phone pleading your case. There’s a good chance your pleading will fall on deaf ears.

Bad faith insurance actions are just that—actions taken in bad faith for illegitimate reasons to boost the insurer’s bottom line. It’s a systemic practice, and one that government officials previously accused Unum of incorporating into the company’s business model.

It’s hard to have your voice heard over the greed of enormous insurance companies. But there are ways you can speak out. One woman has taken to the internet in hopes of changing the way insurance companies operate.

‘This Time it Happened to Me’

Melissa Ringer of Rochester, N.Y. started a petition on change.org that aims to make insurance companies honor all valid claims. She wrote that, as a nurse, she has often seen insurance companies deny policyholders the benefits to which they are entitled.

“Well, this time it happened to me,” she wrote in the petition.

Ringer wrote that she is a week away from surgery for an unspecified condition that has left her unable to work for the past two months. Her insurance company, Liberty Mutual, had hit her with a denial letter that contained “false assumptions and a biased decision.” She now has to go it alone, without the financial assistance of the insurance company she trusted to have her back in her time of need.

Her petition is addressed to both the federal and New York state governments.

Finding Someone Who Will Listen

Melissa Ringer found that, even when Liberty Mutual wouldn’t listen to her, sympathetic Americans on the internet would. That is the beauty of the internet: No one is denied a voice.

In addition to her online voice, she’s about to speak up another way–one that Liberty Mutual can’t ignore. She plans to file a civil lawsuit against the company.

Get Help

Speaking with an attorney and filing a lawsuit is the only way to hold a large insurance company accountable when they cause unnecessary harm through unfair practices. If your insurer has denied a claim that should be covered under your policy, be aware of your rights. Insurers are required to inform you of your appeal options.

Contact us if you and your family are enduring hardship because your insurer refuses to cover something that should be covered under the policy you purchased. We can seek not only the amount of the claim that you were denied, but potentially other compensation as well.

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