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Cigna Fights to Deny Treatment of Little Girl’s Disease

October 26, 2012

The insurance provider Cigna has done everything it can to deny providing necessary care to 11-year-old Eve Yancey for her rare autoimmune disease.

Eve Yancey has battled cryopyrin-associated periodic syndrome (CAPS) her entire life. The genetic anomaly causes her body to overproduce a protein and can result in brain swelling, hives, hearing loss, severe gastrointestinal pain and developmental delays. That is, unless she gets the proper medical treatment.

Eve’s illness means she spends birthdays in the hospital and needs a hearing aid and monthly injections that cost $20,000 each. And if it weren’t for her mother fighting insurance provider Cigna at every turn to approve the girl’s medical treatments, Eve might have already died.

The girl’s mother, Heather Yancey, told the Salt Lake Tribune recently that she constantly tussles with Cigna to pay claims for the medical costs for which the company is responsible.

Cigna’s Disreputable Past

Connecticut-based Cigna has a history of dishonest business practices that revolve around putting profits over people. A California Nurses Association study in 2009 said the company denied more than 34% of claims submitted that year.

The company’s disability insurance arm has been the target of litigation after unfairly denying claims from those in need who thought they were protected by Cigna’s policies. Cigna has even been sued by the American Medical Association for paying doctors artificially low rates while collecting full premiums from patients.

You Don’t Have to Pay For Denied Claims

The battle with a giant corporation like Cigna is too big for someone like Eve’s mom to fight, especially when she is already dealing with the hardships of caring for a sick child. Eve’s mother said it took her nearly a year to get Cigna to pay an $8,800 hospitalization bill.

She also shouldn’t have to continue to pay the costs her insurer once promised but now denies. Sadly, she’s not alone. According to the Government Accountability Office, a 2010 study showed some insurers deny claims at rates as high as 40%.

We Can Fight For You

It’s against the law for insurance companies to put their profits ahead of the well-being of you or someone you love. When insurance companies like Cigna, Unum or Standard deny claims without a valid reason, our lawyers will fight to get you the compensation they continually denied you. With the help of our lawyers, getting the benefits you were promised means you don’t have to fight the battle alone, like Eve’s mom does. And when courts tell insurance companies they can’t take advantage of your rights, it also means other families won’t have to fight the same battle in the future.

If you believe your insurance company has wrongfully denied benefits to you, contact our office for a free consultation. And if the story of Eve’s struggle sounds like the story of someone you know, share this blog with them so they know help is out there.

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